See what my past clients have to say

Let's Get Organized!

Here are what some of my past clients have had to say.

I am so grateful for Lynn’s services! She helped me transform my home office into an inviting, lovely space. She did this with good humor and a down-to-earth style. She is also just a really nice person. Thank you!

Julie R., Lake Oswego

I've been fortunate enough to have Lynn help me with several home projects including organizing my basement, a laundry area and an extra bedroom that had become a 'junk' room. She helped me divide my "overflow" into 'keep', 'donate', 'electronics disposal' and 'throw away' categories and then very efficiently organized my 'keep' items into the space available. The areas she worked on were transformed! She has a great eye for how to store and display things in a given space. I also like to be "green" and don't want to throw anything away that someone else might use, so it meant a lot to me that Lynn is right on track with this and has many ideas on how to be green. Lastly it's important that anyone that comes into my home is both trustworthy and non-judgmental as people do have different tastes. Lynn is completely trustworthy, very discreet and, a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.

Judy S., Alameda

It was the Winter Solstice. My house was in serious clutter from neglect due to my job that takes all my time and a relationship that took the rest. It was unmanageable. What to do?  Call Lynn!  Lynn can help. She brought a sense of order to a very chaotic, under-utilized house that is now becoming a workable art studio and home for me and all my ideas. Thanks Lynn.

Diana S., Forest Grove

I love Let's Get Organized! Lynn has helped me on two occasions to help sort and clear clutter. I highly recommend her! Thanks!

Lisa H., Beaverton

As I looked ahead to retirement in the coming year, I realized that my home of more than 20 years had become overwhelmingly cluttered with the belongings of five generations. It needed to go! Lynn has encouraged me every step of the way as we've worked through each room of my home. Lynn's positive spirit and energy is helping me achieve my goal of a more comfortable and functional home.

Roberta W., Alameda