Let me help you transform your home or office into an attractive
clutter-free environment!

My Rates

My average charge is $35/hr. However, there may be an additional charge for mileage if you live more than 15 miles from Portland and if you need me to drop off a large quantity of donations or recycling.

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How I Can Help

  • Learn techniques to permanently deal with the piles of paper that accumulate on your desk and every flat surface, including what to save and what you need to keep.

  • Dispose of unneeded and unwanted items (we all have too much stuff) in environmentally friendly ways.

  • Reorganize your kitchen and bathroom storage to avoid over-buying.

  • Packing to move or downsizing and unpacking after your move.

  • Make your home easier to clean and more attractive (time to unclutter).

  • Learn how to store the items you want to keep so they remain in good condition, i.e. in the garage, basement, etc.

Before and After