Frequently Asked Questions


Need Help Getting Organized? Lynn Can Help!

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I provide, and how I can help you get organized now!

Q. How do you approach a very cluttered disorganized space?
A. I don’t have a magic wand! It’s a process of sorting through the area to determine whether the contents are to be recycled, kept, donated/discarded or sold. We first assess the situation, come up with a plan together, and get started. It’s pretty straightforward.

Q. What is your background, and how did you get started?
A. My background is in the arts and education. I have a BFA degree, have taught art in public schools in Texas and California, have been a professional artist, am a member of the Oregon Society of Artists, and I love to help people get organized!

I’ve always been an organized person. When my mother passed away, I was tasked with going through her estate. My mother was not organized! It was a major project. I realized I could be of great service for others in similar situations. Since then, I’ve helped many people face projects large and small with great success. You are welcome to contact any referrals on request.

Q. What is the minimum number of hours you will spend on a project?
A. If the appointment is for consultation or suggestions only, the minimum is one hour if the appointment is local. If the client lives more than 15 miles from SW Portland, there is a 2-hour minimum.

Q. How can I dispose of large items like furniture that I no longer need?
A. I can suggest organizations that will pick up usable items for donation or consignment. You can also sell things on Craigslist, E Bay, etc. which I can advise you on.

Q. Do I need to be there while you are working in my home?
A. Yes, if you have specific ideas about where you want things to go.

Q. I’m embarrassed about how messy my place is. Will you judge me?
A. No! I’ve seen all kinds of situations and little phases me. My interest is helping you find solutions.